Welcome to the "Listener's Choice" section of our website.

"Listener's Choice" is a bimonthly country music program on cassette. It is produced by Roger Smith, and was originally distributed to people in the Tape Recording and Conversation Club. Now it is available both on cassette and online.

The first edition was produced in April 2002. Starting with edition 5, every sixth edition is a special Christmas edition. We currently have all editions online. Please check back often for the latest editions as they become available.

If you wish to contact Roger Smith, the producer of this program, please either use the Comment form on our website or use the contact information mentioned in each edition. We are not providing an Email address on this page simply to protect ourselves from spam bots which harvest Email addresses from web pages to generate mailing lists.

The files in this directory are organized as follows. The "Parent Directory" link will let you go back to the main website. The other files in this directory are the actual MP3 files. Each filename consists of the edition number followed by an "a" or a "b". The "a" files are the first side, and the "b" files are the second side of each edition. For example, 9a.mp3 is side 1 of edition nine. Each file contains the exact same material as appears on each side of the cassette version.

We hope you enjoy this material!