Culture Quest was a cassette music program produced by Marilyn Brandt Smith from late 2002 to early 2004. It is oriented to music from different cultures throughout the world.

The magazine was produced six times a year. If you are familiar with Listener's Choice and know the drill about file naming conventions, you can skip the rest of this intro and go straight to the files. Otherwise, you should read the rest of this intro so you'll know what's going on.

The files in this directory are organized as follows. The "Parent Directory" link will let you go back to the main website. The other files in this directory are the actual MP3 files. Each filename consists of the edition number followed by an "a" or a "b." The "a" files are the first side, and the "b" files are the second side of each edition. For example, 3a.mp3 is side 1 of edition three. Each file contains the exact same material as appears on each side of the cassette version.

If you wish to contact Marilyn Smith, the producer of this program, please visit her website at

We hope you enjoy this material!

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[SND]1b.mp32005-07-07 21:13 43M 
[SND]2a.mp32005-07-07 21:12 41M 
[SND]2b.mp32005-07-07 21:12 42M 
[SND]3a.mp32002-11-29 13:40 43M 
[SND]3b.mp32002-11-29 13:44 40M 
[SND]4a.mp32003-06-01 22:37 40M 
[SND]4b.mp32003-06-01 22:33 39M 
[SND]5a.mp32003-06-01 22:24 41M 
[SND]5b.mp32003-06-01 22:25 40M 
[SND]6a.mp32003-09-24 16:39 41M 
[SND]6b.mp32003-09-24 16:42 42M 
[SND]7a.mp32003-12-01 17:58 60M 
[SND]7b.mp32003-12-01 18:04 62M 
[SND]8a.mp32004-02-19 02:03 58M 
[SND]8b.mp32004-02-19 02:08 59M 
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